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Paramaras dynasty pictures
Paramaras Dynasty

Upendra | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • The kingdom of the Paramaras was situated to the west of that of the Kalachuris.
  • Upendra also known as Krishnaraja was one of the founders of the Paramara family.
  • Dhara, modern Dhar in Madhya Pradesh was the capital of the Paramaras.

Siyaka-II | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • The history of the Paramaras really begins with the accession of Siyaka.
  • His greatest Triumph was to defy the authority of the Rashtrakuta, acknowledged so far by the Paramaras.
  • The death of the Rashtrakuta, Krishna-III presented him an opportunity and he declared himself independent.
  • Siyaka secured large slices of territory both from Pratihara as well as the Rashtrakuta empire.
  • Of his two sons Munja and Sindhuraja he was succeeded by the former.

Munja | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • He was the most glamorous king of the dynasty.
  • He was a great Warrior and many stories of his gallantry are sung in ballads.
  • He defeated the Kalachuri king Yuvraja-II.
  • His measured effort was directed toward expanding the area of his Kingdom in Rajputana.
  • Munja next defeated Mularaja of the Chalukya Dynasty of Anhilapataka.
  • The greatest enemy of Munja was the Chalukya Taila-II, who had established his authority over the Deccan after overthrowing the Rashtrakutas and wanted to assert his authority over Malwa which belonged to them.
  • Taila invaded Malwa not less than 6 times but on all occasions, he was repulsed by Munja.
  • In order to get rid of this chronic menace, Munja launched an aggressive campaign against Taila but was entrapped by the enemy and put to death.

Sindhuraja | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • Munja was succeeded by his youngest brother Sindhuraja who recovered The Lost territories from Taila-II.
  • He also conquered Lata (South Gujarat) but his attempt to assert supremacy over North Gujarat was failed by the Chalukya ruler Chamundaraya son of Mularaja-I.

Bhoja | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • Sindhuraja was succeeded by his son Bhoja the greatest celebrity of the Parmaras.
  • Bhoja’s reign of half a century was marked by a series of strenuous campaigns against numerous Kings.
  • Despite the ceaseless wars which Bhoja fought against several Kings, he could acquire no new territory except Konkana.
  • What distinguished him from his contemporaries was his profound scholarship and patronage of learning.
  • He is credited with the authorship of more than 23 books on varied subject commentary on the Yogasutra of Patanjali, though brief, is a great example of his erudition.
  • His Samaranganasutradhara is an excellent work of art and architecture.
  • Men of letters like Dhanapala Uvata and many others lived in his court.
  • He founded the city of Bojhapura and built a number of temples.

Later Rulers | Paramaras Dynasty |

  • With the passing away of Bhoja, the era of Paramara’s ascendancy was over.
  • Bhoja’s Death was followed by a disputed succession.
  • One of the claimants Jayasimha, who was probably Bhoja son seized The throne with the help of his erstwhile enemy Chalukya Prince Vikramaditya-VI of the Deccan.
  • Henceforth, Jayasimha becomes a staunch Ally of Vikramaditya and helped the latter in an unsuccessful expedition against the eastern Chalukya of Vengi.
  • Udayadita a brother of Bhoja succeeded Jayasimha.
  • The famous temple of Nilakanteshvara At Udaipur in Bhilsa is ascribed to him.
  • Udayaditya had a number of sons and two of them Lakshmandeva and Naraverman ruled in succession after his death.
  • The last known king of the Paramaras was Mahlak Dev was defeated by Ala-Ud-Din Khilji when the latter invaded his Kingdom Mahlak Dev was executed and Malwa became a province of the Sultanate.
  • There were several minor branches of the Paramaras ruling in various parts of the Rajputana Mount Abu, Vagada (modern Banswara and Dungarpur) Javalipura (Jalore), and Bhinmal (in Southern Marwar).
  • All of these were ultimately conquered by the neighboring States such as Guhilas and the Chahmanas under the Paramaras a rich Galaxy of literary Giants thronged Malwa.
  • Dhara was the Mecca of literature in the days of Bhoja.
  • Bhoja was the greatest Builder and lover of art.
  • The image of Saraswati, installed by him in the main hall of the Saraswati Temple of Dhara, shows Paramara’s sculpture and its best.

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