Definition and Scope of Sociology(Society) 1 Best notes

Definition of Sociology (Society)


    1-Sociology because the study of society 2-Sociology because the study of social relations 3-Sociology is the study of teams in line with Knobs Hine and Fleming, social science is the scientific and systematic study of individuals in teams. 4-Sociology because the Study of Social Interaction Field refers to the extent to which this science unfolds, in different words, field means that the potential limits inside that a topic science are often studied. The views of students relating to the topic space of ​​sociology are often primarily divided into 2 elements – one -Formative or specific faculty and 2-Syntactic faculty in line with the primary faculty of thought or ideology, social science may be a unique science and in line with the second ideology, social science may be a general Science, we’ll attempt to make a case for every one of those concepts here. 

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